• Lifestyle
  • The Day the Dog Stood Still

    Kali on her first day home.

    One perfect Sunday in May 2014 Adam and I were spending a morning in typical Denver fashion: enjoying a boozy brunch. As so many days are in Denver, it was beautiful and sunny. What made this day unique was that we had absolutely nothing on the docket for the rest of the day. “We should […]

  • Exterior
  • The Sky Is Falling on Our Roof!

    We had a huge hailstorm the other night that was so deafening on our skylights in the attic bedroom that we came downstairs in case it started coming through. I’ve never filed an insurance claim in my life, but we contacted our provider to see if they would inspect the roof and tell us if […]

  • Exterior
  • Why is My Kitchen Ceiling Leaking?

    I had a meeting with a potential new customer downtown today, and had the privilege of having lunch with him at Union Station instead of commuting down to the office in the ‘burbs. When I was done with a delicious meal and feeling happy about my day, I checked my phone and saw a mix […]

  • Building
  • How A Giant Table Became My First Woodworking Project

    Table at Platt Park

    Sara and I have spent a lot of time at bars over the years, so of course we decided our decorating style should be “my favorite bar is my home.” I’ve always loved communal tables at restaurants and not so secretly wanted one at home. It seems any time a friend has people over, we […]

  • Building
  • Building a Farmhouse Pub Table

    Completed Farmhouse table!

    It’s only logical that my first ever woodworking project should be a 12 foot long bar height communal table to be the centerpiece of my house for years to come. Maybe it’s best Sara talked me down to 7 feet, but that does not mean this was a small undertaking. I can’t emphasize enough that […]

  • Decorating
  • Move in Photos

    After looking at dozens of homes over 6 months I was getting frustrated with the garbage on the Denver market. I raised my price range and bought the first house I saw in my over budget range! When I first saw it, I was skeptical: it was more money and more space than I wanted. […]