Finding a Roof Contractor

This is a continuation of our roof saga, which starts here:

Insurance approved our roof claim, and we decided to choose our own contractor because of all of the headaches we had with their contractors when our basement flooded. The business across the alley recently had their roof replaced, and the owner said his people did a great job and he had referred them to a few other people. Because of the size of the hail storm every roofer in Denver was booked solid for months, so we met with them and decided to move forward. Here’s what happened next:

Materials were dropped in front of our garage with no notice weeks before the work was to start. We have a lot of homeless in the alley and petty theft in the area, so we carried a full pallet of shingles into the garage one pack at a time.

Weeks later the first crew showed up, looked at the roof, and said they wouldn’t get up there. They were fired. The second crew fearfully agreed, and requested a manlift. Insurance actually accepted the request, and added a couple of grand for manlift rental.

They replaced the roof. It was supposed to take one day, but took three. They claimed they were done and left the yard full of nails and debris, the Dish knocked out of alignment, and a huge oil stain from their truck on our driveway. Four big downspouts crossed our tiny yard, basically filling it. But at least it’s done?

Yard full of downspouts
Yard full of downspouts

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