Build Your Own Hairpin Leg End Tables

Hairpin Leg Table

Hairpin legs are in right now. You’ve probably seen them at your favorite furniture stores or decorating the condos of your swankier friends. They have this amazing ability to transform just about anything into a trendy, sleek piece of furniture with retro flair. And thanks to the resurgence of mid-century modern design, they are all over the place these days. They can be purchased from woodworking stores or online, making hairpin leg end tables one of the easiest DIY furniture projects.

Through building my kitchen table, I found that joining boards to form a tabletop is a lot of work. So, I set out to build our end tables from a single piece of lumber. The hairpin leg idea was borrowed from a friend who had previously used them to make a coffee table from the cross section of a tree trunk.

Below are the materials and process for making my hairpin leg end tables:


Hairpin Legs
The hairpin legs were purchased at the local Rockler woodworking store.


1x12 poplar board.
A 1 x 12 poplar board was was purchased at a local lumber store, Austin Hardwoods. Poplar is one of the least expensive hardwoods and perfectly suitable for a tabletop.


Poplar board cut into table tops.
The first step is to simply cut the 1 x 12 poplar board to the desired size.


Stained Poplar Table Tops
I selected a grey stain to give the tables a rustic, modern. Careful sanding and using a wood conditioner will help the stain to take evenly.


Hairpin Leg mounting on table top.
Once the stain was dry I used the legs as a template to drill pilot holes. Pilot holes are vital to prevent the wood from splitting!


Hairpin Leg End Table
Screw in the legs, and enjoy your finished hairpin leg table!


Making your own tables is a great way to test the waters of furniture building. This project in particular is quick, easy, and cost effective. And, the best part is that you can customize the size, height, and finish of your table so it looks perfect in your desired location!

For reference, check out the links below for similar tables available for purchase:

We bought hairpin legs from a local store, but you can get them on Amazon or from a multitude of other retail and online stores. If you buy through the link we will get a small commission from Amazon that helps keep the blog going:

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