Hide Air Plants Anywhere In Your Home!

Bicycle basket air plant.

Sara recently introduced us to air plants. These little guys are neat because they require no soil at all. Instead, they are soaked in water for an hour every few days. This means they can be placed anywhere: on decorations, in a glass or dry pot, hanging in things, etc. My favorite is the one in the basket of the bicycle bookshelf. We bought this 10 pack from Amazon and if you buy through the link I will receive a hilariously small commission.

Care of Air Plants

Air Plants in glasswareThe little plants simply need to be collected and soaked in a bowl of water for an hour twice a week. Once they have soaked, you need to let them air dry, and simply replace them to wherever you found them. Do you have any fun ideas of where to keep them?


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  1. IPingFreely says: Reply

    As many plants as you consume in your house I imagine every time they get watered they are screaming on the inside that now is their time to be washed and eaten.

  2. Adam says: Reply

    We haven’t tried eating the air plants yet…but maybe soon.

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